Before we select possible properties for you,

could you answer the following questions?


The questionnaire is available for download

as PDF or XLS documents.


 [ Click here to download ]



The following are the main questions from our questionnaire.


If it isn’t possible for you to download the questionnaire,

please copy the following template, fill it out and send it back to us via e-mail.


The ★ fields are required.


Customer basic information

Name (Family, First, Middle)


Date of birth

Current address

 ・Nearest station

Phone number

Cellular phone number

E-mail address


Company name

Company address

 ・Company URL

 ・Founding date of company

 ・Nearest station to office

 ・Company’s industry


   ・Annual income


 【About Joint guarantor

  If a guarantor can be provided, please indicate the type of guarantor

   (employer or other).

  The guarantor is required to be Japanese or a company registered in Japan.


  If the guarantor is an individual, this person can be used as Emergency Contact,

  unless otherwise requested.

  Also include an Emergency Contact in your home country (such as a parent)

  if applicable.


Guarantor (Japanese)


  ・Indicate relationship with you


  ・Phone number or Cellular phone number

  ・Annual income


Emergency contact person (Japanese)



  ・Indicate relationship with you

  ・Phone number or Cellular phone number


 ・Emergency contact person (in your home country)



  ・Indicate relationship with you

  ・Phone number or Cellular phone number


The ★ fields are required.


Regarding your preferences for properties and number of occupants

Number of residents

  ・Indicate relationship with you

Desired residence size (1R, 1LDK, Other)


Desired moving date

Reason for moving

  ・Marriage, Need more space, Career change,

    Office relocation, Commuting time, Renewal deadline, Other)


  ・( Shibuya-ku, Minato-ku, etc.) 

  ・and preferred station

Parking space

  ・YesPlease indicate type and how many)

  ・ No

Pet ownership

  ・YesPlease indicate type and how many


Musical instrument

  ・YesPlease indicate type and how many)


 ・Additional requirements

  ・(Front Desk Service, Wooding Flooring, Other)

 ・Unwanted items

  ・(First floor apartment, Japanese-style room "Tatami mat", Other)


  ・(Provide details)

 ・Confirmation of priorities

  ・(Budget, Condition, Convenience, Other)


Feel free to write us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns here: