Just what I wanted and needed. 【searching & for rent】

I was in a situation where I needed to find a new apartment quickly,

yet I also wanted something I felt would be an improvement over

my previous place, and if possible in the same area and within

the same price range.


Thankfully, Tierra was able to do just that for me!


I visited a few apartments with them after having given them

the details of what I was looking for.

I instantly liked the first apartment they showed me.

I thought there was no way I'd be able to get my first choice,

especially not within such a short time span.

Then they advised me on how to secure it and helped me

in getting exactly what I was looking for!


Thanks to Tierra, I live in an apartment that perfectly suits me!

Alexas_Fotos カエル ハート2.5x2.5

【Language instructor, late 30's,

 living on the outskirts of Tokyo,

 per his request


Agent’s comment:

For foreign as well as Japanese clients,

there is often attachment to the place

they used to live at, so they often look

for something similar.

We do our best to provide an improved

living space with similar rental conditions,

to help them forget their old place and

fall in love with the new one!

In some cases, we show a range of

apartments to clients, yet they chose

the first one we selected for them!

When we hear how satisfied they are with

their choice, we feel we did a good job!


Modestly priced apartment wanted 【searching & for rent】

I’d been living in a guest house and didn’t want to pay too much because my budget

was very limited. My initial impression of the Tierra website was that it catered

to high-end clients, so I was a little intimidated.

However, I contacted them anyway and was reassured that I could be accommodated

within my modest price range.

In the end I landed a property I love and within my budget.

Alexas_Fotos カエル IT

IT professional from London,

   20s now living in a 1K in Akasaka


Agent’s comment:

Most new residents in Tokyo can easily

find a decent share-house or guest-house.

However, it is difficult to stay there for

an extended period due to lifestyle

limitations. So, we often find ourselves

searching diligently for one of the most

challenging types of property to find:

inexpensive, in a central neighborhood

and welcoming to foreigners.

In this case, fortunately, after using

a number of resources, we could do

just that.

Late-time tour for busy customer. 【searching & for rent】

I was impressed by Tierra’s flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile.

Since I’m busy with work until late every Monday through Saturday.

I was concerned that it would almost be impossible to find a time to view

the property I was interested in.

To my surprise Tierra’s staff convinced the property owner to allow a showing

at 10:30 pm, which I know must be very unusual in the industry, I got the place

I wanted, thanks to the dedication of Tierra’s people.

カエル 男性1

Overworked hair stylist, 30s,

   Western Tokyo, now living 

   close to work in Aoyama


Agent’s comment:

Since this customer’s case was unusual,

we wanted to accommodate his hard

working lifestyle. We researched a great

number of properties in the area near

his salon and eventually found an ideal

property whose owner didn’t mind us

showing it late at night.

We were relieved we could get him into

a place that suits his busy schedule so

he won’t have to worry about catching

the last train anymore!

Customer’s dream of a view of Tokyo-Tower. 【searching & for rent】

As is true for many people around the world I grew up with an image of Tokyo

that featured Tokyo tower as a classic symbol of the city. Therefore, it had

always been my dream to live in a room with a great view of Tokyo Tower.

I made this one of my primary requirements when searching for a new place.

I understood this might be an eccentric request, but Tierra came through

with a wonderful place at a moderate price, in an exclusive neighborhood

with plenty of greenery, and most importantly, I have a post card view of

my favorite tower: top to bottom.

Tonhon タワーとカエル

Female resident, 36 originally

   from France. Has been working

   in the financial industry



Agent’s comment:

We were lucky to get quite a treasure

of a property for this client.

Not only could they get their view of

Tokyo Tower, but this neighborhood

has so many of the best qualities of Tokyo.

Though it is very centrally located right in

the middle of the action, it is surrounded

by urban landscaping that really

resembles a small forest.

We can wake up to the sound of birds

then visit one of the many quaint café’s

within a stone’s throw. There is a relaxing,

community atmosphere that gives the

illusion of being far away from the rushing

crowds of the city.