About us

About us


Tierra is a real estate company based in Tokyo.


We provide services for both newly arrived clients and long-term residents.

For any kind of inquiries on real estate, please contact us!


Foreign students planning to study in Japan and professionals intending to

work in Japan are also welcome to contact us!


We provide a wide range of services, from cheaper and more affordable

accommodations to high-end services, to suit all kinds of budgets.

For instance, if you are looking for a monthly rent of JPY60,000~

we can find it for you.

We take pride in taking good care of our clientele!


Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Please click here If you want to contact us.

Real Estate concierge services:

We also provide real estate concierge services

for you and your family's new life in Tokyo.


Finding the perfect new home in Tokyo may not be easy due to differences customs, languages

and different real estate regulations.
We are a dedicated and trusted realtor in Tokyo with over a decade of experience in working

with expats and locals.


Our services include;
- Searching for ideal property.
- Arranging property viewing, contracts and consultation on tax and legal issues.
- Support available in both English and Italian.
- Solving day to day issues for the duration of your rental contract.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with luxury hotel hospitality standards

to make their life in Tokyo even sweeter!

4 Key services:

・Searching for your ideal property.

We ask you for detailed accounts of your needs and requirements in advance

so that we can narrow it down from our data base.  

We will come up with several properties and arrange property viewings.


・Arranging property viewing, contracts, tax and legal issues consultation. 

Making sure to explain all key cultural and life style differences to avoid misunderstandings.


・Multi language support in English and Italian.

Most property owners can only speak Japanese and our assistance will serve

as a bridge for smoother communication.


・Solving day to day issues for the duration of your rental contract.

We will continue to be your  concierge during the rental contract to make

your Tokyo life happier and easier.

Please send us an e-mail or call us and let us work for you!