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【Service】  2017.06.05 : I have a pet, what kind of difficulties will I encounter

                                       trying to lease a property?

【Service】  2017.06.05 : I have a piano, will it be difficult to find properties

                                       that allow pianos?

【Service】  2017.04.27 : How to handle guarantor company regulations?

【Service】  2017.04.20 : What's "Contract renewal fee"?

【Service】  2017.04.09 : What’s "Partial rent"?


Tierra is a real estate company based in the heart of Tokyo.

We like to think of ourselves as your Personal Real Estate Concierge.


・For searching properties and to find 
 out about how to establish contact 
 all the way to contract signing.​​

・Before we select properties for you, 
 could you answer

 the following questions?​


・The necessary documents 
 are left to the discretion of the owner.​​

 They may differ from case to case.

 The following are usually required.


・Here we’ll tell you all you need 
 to know about Japanese real-estate 
 customs and conditions.



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